Hi! I’m Marty!

I run a podcast studio and digital marketing agency with my wife, Trina, called podovox studios. We work with business and non-profit organizations on creating, producing, distributing, and marketing custom branded podcasts.

For businesses and individuals who don’t need a full-blown agency, I freelance and provide one-off services.

Away from work, you will find me enjoying my greatest gift and passion, my family.  My wife has been lifting me up and putting up with me for over 30 years! Together we are blessed to be mom and dad to our children who are our constant, curious, and energetic teachers.

At the center of our family is our faith in and reliance on Christ.


My family is my pride and joy.

An amazing wife, 2 wonderfully insane kids, loving in-laws, and so many other people who have become family over the years. What a full and rich life we have created!

As a family, we have many adventures and shared many struggles but I wouldn’t change one thing because it is how we’ve landed where we are, right now!



I produce branded podcasts for business clients to help them grow their bottom line. I enjoy it because it allows me to help these people and organizations tell their stories in a powerful and unique way!!



Some people collect stamps, others collect cars…I’m a little different.


I host the worlds NUMBER 1 podcast talking about matchbooks. I’ve been a collector since I was 9 and have always loved the artwork, history, and creativity!


With two young sons who love adventure, we bought a 1979 Winnebago Brave…so far it is proving to be a worthy opponent!

Cincinnati Reds Baseball!

In 1975 I was the 8-year-old hotshot shortstop for the U10 league at the Hilltop YMCA in Columbus, OH. During that summer I hit a grand slam, was the pivotal 6 in numerous 6-4-3 double plays and was selected for my first league all-star appearance!!

That’s right, it’s me!

Obviously, my passion for the game outpaced my abilities to play but I owe all of my early success on the diamond to my baseball hero, Davey Concepcion, the hotshot shortstop of the World Champion Cincinnati Reds! He was the greatest shortstop of his era and his absence from the Baseball HOF serves as a clear example of how ill-informed the voting body is.

That being the backdrop of my introduction to baseball I am now and will forever be a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, baseballs oldest professional franchise.

I blame Dave Concepcion and the Reds teams of the 1970’s for my unflinching loyalty to the Cincinnati Reds.

One of the most successful coaches in the history of college or professional football, Wayne Woodrow Hayes!


Growing up in Columbus, OH in the 1970’s all but sealed the deal for me being a lifelong fan of THE Ohio State University.

During my years at THE, I sat in the student cheer section known as BLOCK “O”…what a blast!

Being a Buckeye fan is baked into my DNA.  Even if you are a fan of that team up north, we can still get along.   

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