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Last weeks episode of “What I’m Listening To This Week” was not my favorite episode, the music was not all that great and candidly if I ever get a trio of songs like that again where I hate 2 ad love one) the ones I hate are walking the digital plank!

This week Episode 5 is a “make up” episode and to really share the love I am sharing FOUR (4) of my favorite songs.

Here’s how it goes down, I hit shuffle and play and the first THREE (3) songs that I hear are “What I’m Listening To This Week”…cool?

I have a collection of over 500 hours of music from all era’s, genre’s and formats…so eventually my Musical Roulette will deliver something I actually like…does it happen this week?

What I’m Listening To This Week Episode 5 by Marty Daniels on Mixcloud

Track 1: Red Flecks – Radiate
Track 2: Michelangelo and The Difference – Carry Your Mountain
Track 3: The Call – Everywhere I Go
Track 4: Russ Taff – I Still Believe


The first song in Episode 5 is Radiate by Red Flecks, a band that was based out of Nashville, TN. I met them in a coffee shop in Columbus, OH 2007/2008(?) as they were heading out of town from a gig. It was purely by chance but for me, it as a happy chance because I liked several of their songs based on their lyrics and a KILLER BASS PLAYER who stood about 4 and a half feet tall and was from South Africa. No idea where Red Flecks is now as the band appears to have dissolved a few years back.

Checkout Red Flecks fan video

Next is Michelangelo and The Difference, a band based out of Phoenix, AZ who had formed as a Heavy Metal band but switched their sound up to Modern/Alt in the mid 90’s when everything dried up for the metal market that wasn’t named Guns N Roses. The transition for some was better than others but these guys pulled it off pretty effectively (I think) and this song “Carry Your Mountain” is not really Alt/Mod or Metal…instead it is straight on Rock and as such, I think it holds up really well now nearly 20 years later.

My Third track is “Everywhere I Go” by The Call which is a band I love so much. They got their start in California in the early 80’s and made their initial appearance on US Rock Charts in 1983 with “The Walls Came Down”. That is the year I actually saw them in Columbus at a small venue just off campus of THE Ohio State University…I was hooked after that.

Check out the video of The Call Everywhere I Go

My jaw dropped to the floor when the next track played and it was Russ Taff singing “I Still Believe” which was actually a song that The Call released on the same “Reconciled” project as “Everywhere I Go” in 1986. Taff WHALES on this song and does a fine job with it but I encourage you to check out the original work where Michael Been delivers his version with a vocal style that isn’t out of the same class as David Byrne of Talking Heads.

Here is Russ Taff too!


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