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Welcome back to “What I’m Listening To This Week”. Brace yourself for Episode 4…now the setup!

I remember it like it was yesterday…which is unusual for me.

I got into my Olive Green 1969 Plymouth Fury II (See car in artwork for episode!) after a long closing shift at Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers on West Broad Street across from Westland Mall in the summer of 1982 and this is what I heard when I popped the cassette into the deck.

I didn’t care that I smelled like wet grill grease or that my “stereo system” was stock issue from Detroit. No! Tonight I was JAMMING the entire way home (at posted speed limits too) drive down Broad Street to my folks home in a quiet little neighborhood where on that street in that quiet little neighborhood they would encounter a jamming Marty Daniels and his new favorite band Men Without Hats.

It’s true, for about 2 minutes Men Without Hats was my favorite band based on what I perceived as their strengths of

  1. One FREAKY video from their first single (See video at the end of this post)
  2. Canadian
  3. Something different than everyone else

Until I was exposed to other bands like After The Fire, Talking Heads, The Church, Madness, Kraftwerk and The Cure.

From that list you could perceive I was “potentially edgy” but I was as edgy as ice cream in July. I loved ALL music except country and glam metal. Country music of that time (1980’s) still makes my tummy hurt and there was just so much glam metal that was so bad you really had to sift through the crap to find the berry!

So with that portrait partially painted lets wrap this up and get to the podcast of What I’m Listening To This Week Episode 4…Brace yourself, this is gonna be heaven…or hell!
I have a collection of over 500 hours of music from all era’s, genre’s and formats…so eventually my Musical Roulette will deliver something I actually like…does it happen this week?

What Am I Listening To This Week Episode 4 by Marty Daniels on Mixcloud

Track 1: Men Without Hats – Safety Dance
Track 2: Herbie Hancock – Rockit
Track 3: Pet Shop Boys – What Have I Done To Deserve This? (With Dusty Springfield)


Now a guilty little pleasure…”I Like” was the first song released by Men Without Hats…the song absolutely RETRO-BLOWS and as you will see and hear it could (some say should) have been strike one, two and three before they hit with “Safety Dance”.