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I had no idea what to expect when I selected “Some Nights” by fun to be my project of the day.  I saw in the credits that Jeff Bhasker was the producer and wrote on several songs, to me, this is a good thing as I like the work he has done in the past with artists like Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys and more recently Lana Del Rey. That diversity just in three artists I could think of off the top of my head should have let me know that I needed to not stereotype, but I did. I thought for sure that fun would be a hip hop project and in places it is but overall it is a really good Alt/Pop project that I really have enjoyed!

On this project alone there is a lot of diversity like I said, you’ll get some hip hop feel on some tracks but on others brace yourself for really thick lush harmonies similar to Queen and up front vocals on some tracks that resemble Supertramp and/or Styx. I know I am showing my age with the references.

Overall the project is VERY rhythmic, not really danceable but it has just enough beats and bass to make you move while you listen too it.