Reagan To Address Convention For Romney

Ronald Reagan may be speaking at this years Republican convention in Tampa.Conservative faithful have often longed for the return of Ronald Reagan and according to some high level GOP sources when the party gathers in Tampa, those dreams may come true.

After seeing the “resurrection” of Tupac at this years Coachella, top party brass brought things together quickly to use the same technology to create a life size likeness of the 40th President of The United States of America. .

A source familiar with the planning said

“With none of the Bush’s joining us in Tampa we really didn’t have a “rock star” to take the convention to that next level. An intern was talking about seeing Tupac at Coachella and a light went on, what bigger Republican rock star than Ronald Reagan?”

Ronald Reagan speaking at the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa, what’s next, Pope John Paul II on Easter Sunday?  If you want to get really crazy, how bout that Beatles reunion?

Let your mind wonder.


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