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You have an exciting life too if you shoose to look out a different window than the one in front of you…

I recently started following a bevy of Social Media Guru’s, Star’s and Influencers each of which has flaunted pictures of themselves in exotic locales with exotic people doing incredibly exotic things.

More than anything I followed these people out of curiosity as to WHY people are following them?

I have never been one to shy away from adventure and I certainly do not begrudge anybody succeeding but I wonder why people are so content living adventurously through others instead of doing something about it themselves?

Why is it that we don’t recognize the adventures in our own life?

I am a dad of two boys who are 6. My wife says they will keep us young but I am convinced that what she really means is that I am going to die any minute.

This year I joined AARP. I don’t mind it a bit when I throw down that card and get 5% – 15% off my meal purchase, insurance or hotel room. I have more friends from my inner circle who didn’t live to be 50 than did so I feel a great enthusiasm for where I am and what I am doing.

If you are sitting there envying others and what they do, aspiring to “be like” them to be happy I want to remind you that there are adventures all around you waiting to be experienced. Go on…live a little and don’t let your only window on the world be full of everybody else’s good times.