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As a child and a parent one of the funnest parts of Easter is the Easter Egg Hunt.

As a child and a parent one of the most disappointing parts of Easter is the Easter Egg Hunt.

egg hunterYou see, even though Easter Egg Hunts provide a prize or reward that is usually candy…the actual hunt lasts about as long as the ear of a hollow Easter Rabbit.

This year, we’re in process of moving to Cincinnati so we don’t have a lot of time and we don’t really have any extra money to do something elaborate. It is with that in mind I present to you 5 FREE or CHEAP Amazing Easter Egg Hunt Ideas…that means you can still get these things done before Sunday!

5) The Easter Egg Puzzle Game

Write a riddle or clue on a puzzle and hide the pieces in Easter eggs. Before the kids can find their treats, they’ll have to find the eggs, solve the puzzle and figure out the clue!

This is the perfect way to entertain kids ranging from toddler to “big kid”. Each puzzle is a riddle that will lead the kids to their hidden baskets. Each kid gets a few pieces in their hidden eggs and they then have to work together to put the pieces together! It is a lot of fun for the kids, gets everyone to work together, and cuts down on the cost of candy. This is now a tradition in our house and we hope it becomes one in your house as well!

TIP 1: It’s last minute so instead of buying the puzzle board at a craft store you can use an old cardboard box or even a piece of paper…any paper to create the puzzle. Just make sure to write your riddle first.

TIP 2: A couple riddle suggestions.

“You’ll find your Easter Baskets in the room where you sleep…walk don’t run!”

“God loves you very much and so do I/we. Tell us what Easter means you and we will tell you where your Easter Basket is.”

Here is a link to  instructions

4) Glow-In-The-Dark Hunt

Very cool, very hip but at the same time…a awesome and fun new twist to a family tradition.

Use glow sticks to make your Easter eggs glow in the dark. You can do this hunt in your backyard at night, or in your living room with the lights out.

Get the instructions: Lil’ Luna

3) ABC Egg Hunt

The ABC Easter Egg hunt is a great way to help your little one learn his or her ABCs. Place the letters A to Z in the eggs and hide them. Give the kids a checklist and challenge them to find all the letter (no doubles!).

Get the instructions: Timeless Adventures

2) Color Coordinated

This is a great way to get the kids to move a little slower…or at least to make it a bit tougher to find all the eges…why? Because each child can only collect a specific color.

In addition to slowing things down a bit it is also a good way to make sure everyone gets an equal number of Easter eggs.

TIP: In the example from the website they have painted coffee cans and drilling holes and all of that is very nice but this is last minute…consider using lunch bags instead with your child’s names written in the color of the eggs they can collect!

Get the instructions: Sew Many Ways

1) Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

This is a fun challenge for kids and parents who are given an Easter egg and a checklist. The challenge is that the kids have to take a picture of the egg with different objects and in different locations around the house or maybe even the neighborhood.

First one to finish gets their Easter basket first.

Get the instructions: Growing Kids Ministry


I think you’ll agree that those are 5 FREE or CHEAP Amazing Easter Egg Hunt Ideas!

Now you have JUST ENOUGH TIME to start a new family tradition for Easter and along the way see how you might be able to include lessons about the faith in a fun and creative way.