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Living life on the fly, dealing with stuff Ward Cleaver, Mike Brady and Jason Seaver never dreamed of!

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Hi, I’m Marty Daniels. I’m a business owner but this is a personal website about my life, faith and the world we live in. For most of my life, all …

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Trivial Information
Possible Plays in ANY baseball game, at any level.
482 ft
The Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest man made structure for 4000 years!
The number of US States where chicken wings are delivered more than pizza!
Number of people living in Tiny Homes (500 sq ft or less) in US
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A Room With A View

I recently started following a bevy of Social Media Guru’s, Star’s and Influencers each of which has flaunted pictures of themselves in exotic locales with exotic people doing incredibly exotic …