Commercial Radio Only 90 Years Old

In a recent article I learned that THE VERY FIRST radio commercial ad was sold during this week, 90 years ago.

The ad was sold on New York radio station WEAF – owned by Bell Telephone Company and they sold a 10-minute commercial to the Hawthorne Court Apartments in Jackson Heights, New York for $50. The ad aired at about 5:00 pm on August 28, 1922 and the business of commercial radio was born.

From 1922 the industry slowly changed to include more commercials until in the 1930’s it became a widely accepted practice. Sort of odd to think it didn’t take off like a rocket, meeting resistance from people who were committed to placing their ads in print publications.

I am excited to be offering radio stations, tv stations, production houses, web video producers and lots of other clients my services thanks to the bold move of WAEF 90 years ago this week.