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Today I was surprised and delighted when I was called to the front desk to accept a delivery. When I got there I found a delivery of still warm assorted cookies from Jake’s Bakes Nashville.

The cookies were sent to me as a thank you gift for helping a woman who had tripped and fell to the ground while walking to the parking garage behind our building. Her hands were full and she misjudged the curb. I felt horrible for her, she was so shaken and on the verge of tears when another woman and myself helped her up.

Just this week I was at a networking event in Murfreesboro where Mayor Shane McFarland was the guest speaker. During his time he challenged the group with three action points to build and run a successful business. I would say a successful life.

1) Tell the truth. Don’t lie. Don’t “spin”. Don’t bend the truth.

2) When you make a mistake or mess up take responsibility for what you did and say I am sorry.

3) Surround yourself with good people who want to help you live by the first two rules.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Is it something you will endeavor to do?

BTW, thanks to my new friends generous gift box of cookies I am now an unofficial spokesperson for Jake’s Bakes Nashville…SO GOOD!!!

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