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Marty Daniels. Job Search. Marketing, Advertising, Product Sales, Sales, Audio Production, On-Air, Voiceover, Podcasting, Podcast, Remote employment, Graphic ArtistI am actively looking for my next opportunity.

This isn’t new information, I’ve been furloughed since October. Since October I have submitted over 150 applications/resumes and had 36 first interviews (I look great in Zoom meetings), 12 second interviews and I am currently in ongoing communication with 4 of those organizations.

So far, there hasn’t been a fit but that will come.

On my journey, I am grateful to each HR Director, Department Head, and Business Owner who has taken the time to interview me.

I look forward to meeting my next employer, or maybe partner?

Others have described me as an experienced, energetic, and creative person who operates with a strong sense of purpose, a sense of humor, and constant curiosity. I think that pretty good.

Here’s some other things I know about myself that I think you should know.

  • I ask a lot of questions…for a reason.
  • Meetings without an objective are a waste of time.
  • Words are important but actions are more important.
  • I value being part of a team more than a name attached to a title.
  • I will always respect authority, chain of command, and accomplishment but I am not impressed, intimidated, or influenced by a title…yours or mine.

Do you know someone looking to hire me?

Please make an introduction.


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