About Marty

Hello-MartyHi, I’m Marty Daniels (Please hold your applause till the end of the page) and over the last 25+ years I’ve been involved in media in one way or another.  That’s 25+ years of station apparel, incredible highs, many funny mishaps, huge disappointments and a TON OF MUSIC (over 8,000 titles in my digital library) from all decades of the past 100 years.

I’ve decided to put that music to good use in the form of a show I call What I’m Listening To This Week.

What I’m Listening To This Week, What Is It?

What I’m Listening To This Week is really a game of musical roulette.  It’s simple, I push play and the first three songs that play occupy the next 15 minutes or so of my audio life.  I usually just provide an intro and get out of the way allowing the music to conjure their own memories while they transport you to wherever they take you.

Because of the complexities of music licensing online I use a service called MixCloud that allows me to play the music within their site, app, player, etc and they cover the licensing of all songs. As such, the show is not really a podcast because I can’t share it on iTunes or Google Player or anywhere else that NPR does all their music podcasts because I don’t have the break they get on licensing. (did that sound bitter?)

What About Voice Over Work?

For those of you visiting my site for a Voice Over please visit my DEMO PAGE. Also, please understand that What I’m Listening To This Week is different than any of the VO work I might do.  It’s for fun, a hobby and not meant to be an audition. Unless you love it!

What Else Might You Find On This Site?

From time to time I may interview, promote and shine a spotlight on the good eggs out there,  people and organizations that are making life and the world we live in a better place.  I may comment on media, trends in radio, webstreaming, podcasting and the technologies and people that use and drive them.  I may talk about my love affair with coffee, baseball, my kids, my wife, my faith and anything else that shines in the sun that catches my attention long enough to create a post, podcast or blurb!

I hope the end of this page finds you happy, healthy and safe.

Welcome to MartyDaniels.com
(Go ahead, let it out…cheer and clap really loud. We’ve reached the end of the page)